Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

A year and a half ago, Adelaide and I found a little 6 month old black kitten in the freezing cold and made him a part of the family.  We already had two black cat sisters, Mathilde and Morrigan.  So, when trying to think of a name for this little guy, I was trying to come up with a name that started with an “M”.  But nothing seemed to fit.  Then the idea hit that what if I gave him a name that started with a “B” in honor on my B, Brendol.  Plus, even though he’s another black cat in the family, he’s a boy and not one of the sisters.  Therefore, he became Bagheera (the black panther in Jungle Book).

Now, some of y’all, like Sally, have said all along that Brendol sent Bagheera to us.  And I don’t disagree.  But today, a light bulb went off.

I was getting the pups (Adelaide and Aissa) ready to go outside this morning, and my phone made a reflection bounce across the wall.  Whooo  Bagheera’s eyes lit up, ears perked, and he was ready to play.  And there was the light bulb.  That is exactly what my B always did.  She loved her tinkerbells.  So I played with him with the tinkerbell for a little bit and then took the girls out.  While walking the girls, I was thinking, you know, B was my cuddler.  Well, Bagheera is now my cuddler.

From the first 5 minutes I had brought him inside, his favorite spot is this…

That’s me in the pink, underneath him, about 1 week after he came to live here.  This next picture is him from this past week.

Then, I thought, well, nah.  He’s such a little shit too.  He chases Mathilde and Morrigan and pounces on Morrigan all the time.  Brendol wasn’t like that.  But….. well….. Brendol did love to jump at the cats and make them run.  She wouldn’t pounce on them.  She just thought it was fun to make them run.  She would act like she was going to pounce on them.  And then when they ran, she would turn to me with a goofy grin like, “Did ya see that?  Made ’em run!”  So, maybe that too is like my B.

Sally – you know where this led me.  You got it.  BUBBLES

What about bubbles?  Brendol loved her bubbles.  I have tried the bubbles with Bagheera.  And I do have catnip bubbles (yes they make them).  Well, let’s see.

It’s wasn’t love.  He sat through my blowing two sets of bubbles, but then he took off.  I let him smell the bubbles, think the catnip my change his mind.  But no.  He does not share this love.

He still shares a lot with our Brendol.  And Miss Brendol is always looking over us and him.  Here is where he fled too.  And if you look in the background, you will see the pastel sketch of who other than our B.

And the bubble session that he wasn’t enjoying?  Let’s take a look at those pictures more closely…

That is Brendol’s urn and paw print, sitting on the end table, always watching over us.

So there were signs, everywhere signs, that Brendol is here and keeping an eye on us and doing what she can to still take care of her family.  And she has had some influence in the new addition to the family, even when I wasn’t paying attention.

To end on a fun note, Bagheera recovered from the bubble attack quickly and played on his cat tree with his kitty kong.  Here is a short vid eo for your viewing pleasure.  And FYI, he is laying on top of my as I write this, in HIS spot. (Thank you my Brendol, love you my sweetpea)