Still Thinking of You My Girl

Our community suffered another loss yesterday, and as it tends to happen, it led me to thoughts of you.

My beautiful, sweet, happy girl.  That lived for moments wedged beside me or chasing glimmers of light.  It’s surreal how time can move so slowly and quickly all at once.  For, at this moment, it seems odd that you have truly been gone for over 3 years.  My sweetpea, you know I think of you all the time.  I talk about you to so many people.  I haven’t written in your blog in over a year, but you haven’t been replaced.  That could never happen. <3

For anyone that hasn’t seen Brendol’s blog before, I now use it as my letters to my girl.  There isn’t much insight here.  Just meanderings through my memory.  But I try to always leave a few pictures for enjoyment.  Following are pictures from my office.  Complete with the large print of my Brendol that still is displayed with prominence.  Anyone that enters my office, knows that I am a lover of animals.

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Author: Karma

My furry family and I live in Atlanta. I care for a 12 year old pittbull mix (Brendol) who underwent an amputation of her front right leg for bone cancer. I also care for a 10 1/2 year old chow/border collie mix (Aissa) and two sister cats that are 3 (Mathilde and Morrigan).

7 thoughts on “Still Thinking of You My Girl”

  1. Brendol is never forgotten. I am glad you wrote on here. I have been thinking of our girls. Your girl was such a sweet sweet girl.
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Never forgotten!!! I use Shelby’s blog much in the same way … and for my own personal therapy.

    Yesterday’s loss hit me really hard too. Some are harder than others and yesterdays was really brutal. Perhaps it was the similarities to Shelby’s final days or perhaps because we all really grew to love Pofi SO much. I don’t know. It was super hard.

    Hugs to you!!!

  3. Karma I love all your pictures. It is so true that when others suffer a huge loss it brings our own losses back to haunt us yet again. Brendol was a true beauty and I know you gave her the best life ever. May your precious memories of your sweet girl bring a smile to your face today and always.

  4. That print is phenomenal! I also found yesterday hard, having lost both Otis and Tess so recently. Thanks for sharing that sentiment. Sometimes it helps to know that in a way we are all grieving these beautiful souls together.

  5. Awww Karma, you have written with a gift of great insight and straight from your heart.

    You can bet that Brendol never, ever regretted one single moment she shared with you “wedged by your side”. I had the privilege of being on part of this journey with you and Brendol. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that every single picture of Brendol, every delightful video, every single post about her all showed LOVE AND JOY and yeah, SPOILING!! 🙂
    I remember watching the video over and over of Brendol whacking the bubbles from her bubble blowing machine! She certainly started a fad arpund her!

    And, of course, the photo shoot with Brendol and her pack…one of my favorites of all time!! “MOMMA LOVES YOU, SHE LOVES YOU, SHE LOVES YOU LIKE A ROCK!”

    I’m soooo glad you continue Brendol’s Memorial Blog here. I thinkmof her often too Karma. And I can never, ever not see her banner without a smile in my neart. The joy in her eyes, the smile on her sweet mug is what she wants you to remember. And the joy in your eyes and the smile on your face is what Brendol put in her heart and took it to the Bridge with her.:-)

    AND, we get to see more terrific pictures of sweet Brendol and her pack! I’ve always loved her model bone structure…so photogenic! Love that “Pit Bull smile” art!

    Like you, I have “everything dog” in my house! We must be kindred Spirits!!

    Thank you for the privilege of celebrating the life of Sweet Pea Brendol! ,

    Lots and lots of love always!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  6. I am sorry I only know the beautiful Brendol, bubble girl, in retrospect. But I love her none the less. And understand how impossibly long you have been without her and yet how fresh the loss is. It is a moment that is distant and present always and at the same time.

    I’m not sure it ever really gets easier – just more compartmentalized.

    Missing all our lost warrior princes and princesses.

    Lisa, Mia and Angel Pofi

  7. Your office is awesome! So did you put the Mutts comic alongside all those adorable photos?

    And give yourself more credit, there’s a lot of insight in this blog, about living life on three before and after osteosarcoma. It’s awesome.


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