Old Dog Poem

First, a quick update, Brendol is doing fine.  She has been real tired the last week to 10 days but her bloodwork looked good on Monday so her third chemo is on schedule for this coming Monday.  We spend a lot of time curled up on the couch.  Also in the news, if you didn’t see the post introducing Adelaide, Brendol has a new sister.  She is only a year old and she’s a husky, so our cuddle time does get interrupted more than it used to.  😀  You can check out Addy on her page at http://adelaide.tripawds.com

Below is a sweet poem that was sent to my off the Bone Cancer Dogs group… so I can’t take credit for it.  But I wanted to share because it is so sweet:


Their joys are simple. A soft bed. A scrap fallen from the table that
the younger dogs missed. The memory of a treed squirrel. A storm-less

White whiskered faces and legs crooked as question marks.

Old Dogs…their sweet Buddha bellies hang over crossed legs as they
fall asleep in a coveted patch of sun. Dreaming of out-racing their
shadows down long, shady lanes.

Once they danced by your side. The very definition of joy unleashed. A
perfect poem caught in shining eyes and wagging tails. They have
followed you faithfully for years. And would plunge into fires,
untamed wildernesses, raging waters if you asked.

Now, they struggle to catch up. Their pace slow but their hearts still valiant.
Their cloudy eyes are starting to dim and go distant, tuning in to
some invisible world. Just beyond your reach.

Don’t go you say, as you scratch the tender part between their ears.
Stay longer. I can’t imagine a world without your fur pressed close to
my cheek. There are still so many roads we haven’t explored.

And they look up at you with a wisdom that just slays you.

Their backs are bent, not from the weight of years, but from the
invisible wings they are growing
That will soon take them to a place where once more they are warriors of speed
Drunk with the sights and scents of a thousand meadows.
Able to leap high enough to touch the wing of the tiniest butterfly.

A place where they will now wait for you to catch up…

(from facebook, no author known)

Round Two – Done!

Brendol had her second round of chemo today.  All went well.  Platelets were back up to normal.  Her white blood cell count actually went down from last week which we weren’t expecting but the vet wasn’t alarmed by that.  Brendol had a full fun day – I know – a fun day getting chemo.  But she loves going.  Check out her video from this morning when she found out we were going.

So the vet tech commented on how Brendol doesn’t appear to have been slowed down one bit by her amputation.  And, while I see a little bit of a change, I have to agree that she is getting around really well.  It’s not quite been 5 weeks, and you can see how good she’s moving.

Drive Home

We came on home (in the yucky rain), and I think this look is one of “I don’t want my picture taken, mom!”


Now that we are home, she is pooped.  The below pic is her getting ready to crash on the couch with her buddy Mathilde.  Okay, so they aren’t usually really buddy buddy, but for tonight we are all cuddles.  I’ll take it!
Brendol resting with Mathilde

First Ampuversary!

It’s been one month today!  And what a month it has been.

Brendol began limping at the beginning of the year.  At the end of January, I took her in to be looked at because it was getting worse, not better.  And that was when we got the terrible news.  One week later, on February 6th, her bad painful leg was taken away!

Brendol with me  Now, one month later, she is running and playing and getting into things she isn’t supposed to.  Stairs still give her some pause, as does trying to get down from the bed (but it’s a really tall bed).  She’s getting Chemo, second one is next week.  And things are going good. 

I know my baby girl still has cancer and this is only the beginning of this journey.  But, for now, I am hopeful it is a long journey.  And now we celebrate the time we have.  For today is one month pain free!

Speed Racer

This post is gonna be a quick one.  I just wanted everyone to know that Brendol ran full-speed, no holds barred, down the hill to the back of the property this morning!  She even still beat Aissa.  (Poor Aissa has short little legs, so she’s just not as speedy).

I have seen Brendol run the past couple weeks, like she runs to greet me at the door.  But that kind of running isn’t the full out kind.  This morning, there were kids walking through the woods behind my property and Brendol and Aissa decided it was their job to go tell them that they didn’t below there.  And boy did she take off.  I was sure she was going to biff it head first she was going so fast, but she managed to do a great job!  It made me so happy to see her still able to take off like that.  My little speed racer!

Her one-month ampuversary is on Wednesday, we’ll have more to report then.

Hold Them Close

What a crazy ride this month has been.  From finding out about Brendol’s cancer, to amputation, to chemotherapy, and then a friend going into hospice, and his passing away two days ago.  All followed by a round of cancer dogs losing their fights this past week or the pawrents getting tragic news about their conditions.  I have run the gammut of crying and indecision to even elation at how well Brendol has done.  This past week, things finally started feeling like they were back to normal at home, and I was so happy about my Brendol doing good that it was easy to ignore the fact that she HAS cancer.  Of course, I put a lot of my time into helping my friends through the process of dieing.  And I’m trying to help them grieve along with grieving myself.  But then last night, all of the news of varying individuals having their pets also lose their battles was very deflating.  It reminded me of my limited time with my baby girl.  I’m trying so hard to balance feeling good about her progress with fearing losing her.  And so many battles seemed to be lost so quickly.  My friend went from still being able to stay at home (although we were going to have him go to an assisted living facility this past week) to being gone in 2 weeks.  And one of the dogs that I was following his progress, went from just getting his brace for his leg to not being able to breathe in a matter of days.  Everything is just so uncertain.  And I am a control FREAK.  Try controlling Cancer or Parkinsons!  Not happening.

So, I laid in bed last night and I cuddled around my baby girl and I just held her tight for as long as she would let me.  I try to remember that the love we have in our life is why losing those close to us hurts so much.  It’s all a balance.  Grief and Joy.  Love and Loss.  May I learn the lesson I need to learn with grace, and may I learn it quickly :D.

So, this is just a reminder, to hold your loved ones close.


Tripawd Awareness Day 3/3

Miss Brendol was diagnosed with a osteosarcoma at the end of January.  She became a tripawd on 2/6 and although I was extremely concerned about her handling this change (she’s 12), she has adapted wonderfully.  No more pain or limping.  Occassionally there are complications with these types of procedures or it takes a while for the dog to adjust, but Brendol has been a posterpup!  Within a few days she was maneuvering full flights of stairs and by a week later she was running.  We are now doing chemo and hoping for many more months to play. 

My Cuddle Bug - Brendol
My Cuddle Bug – Brendol