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Nearly 3 Weeks Post Amp

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Brendol is doing GOOD!  I’m beginning to relax! And things are getting back into a groove.  Her first Chemo was last week on Monday and I waited anxiously all week for any signs of side effects, but fortunately there were none. Here’s a pic, not a good one, of Brendol and her incision site.  Can’t […]

One Step at a Time – Just Keep Swimming sequel

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I’ll keep this short tonight because I’m writing this on my iPhone (very small screen).  First, the update on my wiggle-butt.  She’s doing really good.  She’s back to her old bad and good habits.  One of the good habits that I cherish is that when I come home she runs to greet me and brings […]

Post Chemo #1

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Quick update.  Brendol had her first round of chemo today and here’s a pic of her on our way home.  My happy girl.  She’s been sleeping at my feet on the couch since we sat down and was even snoring.  

Just Keep Swimming

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“Just Keep Swimming” is one of my favorite lines from a movie… “Finding Nemo”.  I often use it in my everyday life to remind me to…well…just keep swimming.  This is one of those days.  I should start with, Thing Are Going Good.  Brendol is doing really well.  She is having a little trepidation about going […]

Just getting started

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Miss Brendol is a 12 year old Pitt Mix that lives just North of Atlanta.  She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her front right leg on January 30th, 2013.  The news was devestating to me and a non-issue to her.  All she knew was that her front leg was hurting.  A week later we got […]