Post Chemo #1

Quick update.  Brendol had her first round of chemo today and here’s a pic of her on our way home.  My happy girl.  She’s been sleeping at my feet on the couch since we sat down and was even snoring.  image

Author: Karma

My furry family and I live in Atlanta. I care for a 12 year old pittbull mix (Brendol) who underwent an amputation of her front right leg for bone cancer. I also care for a 10 1/2 year old chow/border collie mix (Aissa) and two sister cats that are 3 (Mathilde and Morrigan).

5 thoughts on “Post Chemo #1”


    I’m telling you, after treatment #1, I was pretty much convinced they took Jill in the back and gave her belly rubs and no chemo she acted as if nothing happened 🙂

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks. We checked out your blog on Jill earlier today. Such a pretty girl. Looks like a cuddler. Brendol has two feline sisters that are black cats. Only one of them is much of a cuddler.

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