Still Thinking of You My Girl

Our community suffered another loss yesterday, and as it tends to happen, it led me to thoughts of you.

My beautiful, sweet, happy girl.  That lived for moments wedged beside me or chasing glimmers of light.  It’s surreal how time can move so slowly and quickly all at once.  For, at this moment, it seems odd that you have truly been gone for over 3 years.  My sweetpea, you know I think of you all the time.  I talk about you to so many people.  I haven’t written in your blog in over a year, but you haven’t been replaced.  That could never happen. <3

For anyone that hasn’t seen Brendol’s blog before, I now use it as my letters to my girl.  There isn’t much insight here.  Just meanderings through my memory.  But I try to always leave a few pictures for enjoyment.  Following are pictures from my office.  Complete with the large print of my Brendol that still is displayed with prominence.  Anyone that enters my office, knows that I am a lover of animals.

img_2506 img_2507 img_2508 img_2509 img_2510