We are still swimming

My Darling Baby B,

Just catching you up.  We keep swimming along here without you.  But miss you every day.  You would have turned 13 about a month ago.  Never knew your exact birthday, but know it’s probably around December.  And at this time last year, you were not feeling so good and I had just found out on January 31st that you had osteosarcoma.  So I was researching like crazy on the web and crying a lot and hugging you more.  On February 6th, we got rid of that painful awful leg so that you could feel better, and you did.  Who would have thought that at this time this year, you would no longer be snuggled up beside me.  And instead of you here, there is now the additions of Adelaide and Bagheera.

Yep, that’s right.  Nearly 4 weeks ago, your sister Adelaide found this little 6 month old boy hanging out out back on a cold cold morning.  Don’t know why, but he crawled right up into my arms and hasn’t left since, so a little boy has been added to the Girl household.  You’d be having a blast with Adelaide taunting him I’m sure.  You always thought it was so fun to make the cats run.  I was thinking of naming him with something that started with an “M” so go along with his new feline sisters.  But I wasn’t finding anything that sparked my interest.  And then I ran across Bagheera, the black panther in the Jungle Book.  And I liked that the character was sweet and charismatic.  And I liked that it started with a “B”, just like my Brendol.  This is Bagheera:

It’s been slow going integrating the household, but we are getting there.  For the last few nights, he has been running free in the house with Adelaide hanging out too.  And yesterday, I got both of them chilling on the couch together.

You missed a decent snow this past week.  I still remember when you were introduced to  your first snow.  We were in Dallas, and you ran ovals  in the back yard banking so hard that as your were turning at full speed, your waist was almost brushing the ground.  You had such a blast.  Well, this was another one like that.  Not deep still, but fun enough to run in.  Your sister Adelaide had fun with it, it was her first snow too.  I kept thinking about how you were.


And then there is your sister Aissa.  She’s been doing pretty good.  I can see her slowing down, like you did.  Not that she was every a big ball of energy like you and Addy were as young’uns.  But slower never the less.  She still knows how to have a good time though.  And she’s keeping Adelaide in line as much as she can.

Anyways, we all miss you.  We all love you.  And I love you from the bottom of my heart.  You were and will always be my Baby B and my Poochy Butt and my Sweat Pea.