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Miss Brendol's Memorial

Life and Stories of an Amazing Tripawd Girl

We are still swimming

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My Darling Baby B, Just catching you up.  We keep swimming along here without you.  But miss you every day.  You would have turned 13 about a month ago.  Never knew your exact birthday, but know it’s probably around December.  And at this time last year, you were not feeling so good and I had […]

Brendol Bubbles

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This isn’t a new picture, it was debuted in the slideshow that I posted earlier.  However, this is the picture I decided to get blown up.  It evokes great feelings because my Brendol baby is so happy and just loves her bubbles. As a quick update, Miss B is doing good.  She was a little […]

A Day Late

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Ooh, I’m a bad momma.  Yesterday was Brendol’s 3 month ampuversary (and it blew right past me).  Can you believe it?  Three Months!  Geez, it has flown by.  And, some of you will yell at me for thinking this way, but I hate that the clock is ticking down.  It’s not today.  I know that. […]

Just getting started

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Miss Brendol is a 12 year old Pitt Mix that lives just North of Atlanta.  She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her front right leg on January 30th, 2013.  The news was devestating to me and a non-issue to her.  All she knew was that her front leg was hurting.  A week later we got […]