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Miss Brendol's Memorial

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Final! Finito! Die End!

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We are done!  Number 6 was today!  No more IV Chemo!  WooHoo!

Brendol Bubbles

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This isn’t a new picture, it was debuted in the slideshow that I posted earlier.  However, this is the picture I decided to get blown up.  It evokes great feelings because my Brendol baby is so happy and just loves her bubbles. As a quick update, Miss B is doing good.  She was a little […]

Brendol’s Third Round

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Well, our bloodwork was good today so round three is done!  Brendol’s white blood cells came back up to normal from last week and her neutrophils were good too.  She was a happy girl going into see the vet this morning.  Our plan is to do bloodwork in three weeks and see how it’s looking […]

Round Two – Done!

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Brendol had her second round of chemo today.  All went well.  Platelets were back up to normal.  Her white blood cell count actually went down from last week which we weren’t expecting but the vet wasn’t alarmed by that.  Brendol had a full fun day – I know – a fun day getting chemo.  But she […]