Brendol’s 2 Month Ampuversary

Today is Brendol’s 2 month ampuversary!  Two Months!  Whew.

She’s doing pretty good.  It’s been more hectic the past 3 weeks with the introduction of her new sister Adelaide.  Brendol is fairly neutral about the new addition.  She still has her spot on the couch, her spot next to me in bed and her toys.  As long as that doesn’t change, I thinks she’s like, “whatever”.


She has gotten some new toys.  Which she always loves of course.




And now the weather is getting nice, so we are spending more time outside playing with Aissa and Adelaide.



Her third chemotherapy treatment is on Monday.  The only thing that’s had me concerned is that it seems the chemo is making her pretty tired.  She hasn’t had any GI issues, no nausea, no lack of appetite.  She had lost a little weight the first few weeks after her amputation, but now she’s getting really yummy food with her regular kibble, so at her last weigh in she had gained 1/2 a pound.  😀  We will see how she does after her third chemo, but part of the decision to go forward with the chemo was contingent on her still having a good quality of life, and if the chemo knocks the wind out of her sails too much, I may decide to stop that avenue of treatment.

But for today, we are happy and cuddling.  Happy Ampuversary my dear sweet baby girl!

My cuddlebug

Author: Karma

My furry family and I live in Atlanta. I care for a 12 year old pittbull mix (Brendol) who underwent an amputation of her front right leg for bone cancer. I also care for a 10 1/2 year old chow/border collie mix (Aissa) and two sister cats that are 3 (Mathilde and Morrigan).

3 thoughts on “Brendol’s 2 Month Ampuversary”

  1. Awwww, Brendol is the epitome of a cuddlebug! Glad all the pack is getting along and Ms. Brendol clearly seems happy that her throne and toys are all hers!

    Yeah, I know you’re concerned about her being tired and exactly ow to proceed forward.

    Would it be a problem if you delayed the treatment another week to see if she gets more energy with a little extra recoup time? Guess the vet just says it’s one of the side effects which is true in a lot of dogs.

    As everyone says so often..just listen to your gut……..maybe it’s as simple as the vet adjusting the dose

    Keeping all paws, toes and digits crossed. Be sure and update us as soon as you can. You know how we all worry for each other! So that means you don’t have to!!

    It could be that, even though she’s handling the new pack member just fine, it wouldstill tire her out guarding her spot next to you on the couch with her toys!

    OLove the pictures…thanks for sharing the cuteness!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Happy Ampuversay Brendol. Hope mom gives you extra scratchies & treats. Keep kicking cancer’s butt Brendol.

    Michelle & Sassy

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