Bubbles – As Requested

I mentioned in Brendol’s last post that she got a new bubble machine.  As requested, here is a short video of Brendol enjoying her new toy.


Hope you enjoyed!

Author: Karma

My furry family and I live in Atlanta. I care for a 12 year old pittbull mix (Brendol) who underwent an amputation of her front right leg for bone cancer. I also care for a 10 1/2 year old chow/border collie mix (Aissa) and two sister cats that are 3 (Mathilde and Morrigan).

11 thoughts on “Bubbles – As Requested”

  1. OHHHHHHHHHH! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh my goddness! If it wouldn’t blow up the website I’d put about a million smiley faces on nere because that’s al I’m doing is SMILING:-) 🙂 I’m o e big toothy grin!

    That, Ms. Karma, eeds to be on America’s Funnkest Videos and I am NOT kidding! I’m not!

    A three-legged dog’ beatng cancer, living lofe to the fullest and loving life no matter what—–OMD, Bendol would be getting standng ovations all over the world!

    THIS IS ABSOLITELY ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS EVER…..and K love them all….But this is special…like Rusty surfing video…….this s top drawer stuff!

    The unbridled joy on that dog’s face…….no ne can tell me Brendol ksn’t grinning ear t o ear in that!! BRENDOL’S WHOLE BODY IS SMILIMG!

    This is the most incredible “forever” treasure:-)

    A d she popped as many and as fast as she could! THAT is a lesson n stayi g focused and being in the mo ent….being “one with the bubble Universe”!
    I played it aout five times before could stop long enough t write!

    Boy, we sure did eed this today! THANK YOU SO MUCH KARMA! It’s celebrations like this that keep us all going!

    You are one loved pup Miss Brendol…..your own bubble machine

    One of you comuter geniuses email this to America Funniest Video—-it will make peope napy AND bring awareness to TRIPAWD NATION!!

    Now, if Brendol “poot toots” a few bubbles tonight, don’t blame her:-) 🙂

    Love to all the pack,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Yay Brendol. Bubbles look great and it sure looks like you are having a great time.

    Michelle & Sassy

  3. Mmmmmmmm….bacon bubbles! Oh Miss Hoppy Bubbly Brendol and Aissa, thanks for putting a smile on our face first thing in the morning, what fun!

  4. How can you not sit and laugh when you watch her eyes sparkle at all those bubbles that need biting!!!
    I loved it.. certainly brought a well-needed smile to my face today!!

  5. Fun Fun! Thanks for sharing!!! I think Harley needs a bubble machine too…but I think Sunny would hog it!

    Ilene & Harley

  6. My 10 year old pitbull mix is having her front leg amputated on Friday due to cancer. This video gave me so much hope….thank you!! Brenol is having so much fun!!!

  7. I am using one of your pictures of Bendol as the wallpaper on my computer because it gives inspiration for me as my 10 year old pitbull mix just came home from from leg amputation surgery today.

    1. Aww Tracy, that is so sweet to hear. I’m glad B can add some inspiration for someone. I hope your pup is doing well. Hang in there these first few days. And reach out to us whenever you need something.

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