Almost missed it again…Tuesday was B’s Six Month Ampuversary!

Just got home tonight from a vacation and picked up all the girls.  Brendol was not as happy to see me as usual 🙁  Made me sad.  We’ve been laying here on the bed chilling and I was giving her lots of love and noticed that it looks like she has discolored hair around her hooha, like perhaps dried blood.  Going to have to call the vet in the morning and get her an appointment, I think maybe she’s got a bladder or urinary infection.  She’s been off the chemo for over a month, so I’m surprised we might be dealing with this now.  Way to make me feel like a schmuck for leaving for a vacation, come home and my baby girl isn’t feeling well.  CRUD!

Let’s hear it for 6 months!  Woo hoo!  And send us best wishes that she has something simple to fix and get all better.

Author: Karma

My furry family and I live in Atlanta. I care for a 12 year old pittbull mix (Brendol) who underwent an amputation of her front right leg for bone cancer. I also care for a 10 1/2 year old chow/border collie mix (Aissa) and two sister cats that are 3 (Mathilde and Morrigan).

5 thoughts on “Almost missed it again…Tuesday was B’s Six Month Ampuversary!”


    Congratulations Sweet Brendol! Of course you’re a little ticked! Mom goes on vacation AND almost forgets your ampuversary and you’re supposed to be all wags and sloppy kisses…HA!

    Or, it could be as simple as you had a great time while she was gone and that helped you ot be so lonesome. Yeah, let’s go with that one!

    Well, there have been a lot of UTI’s goi g arou d since you’ve been go e! Must be a tripawd thing! If she has one, you can get her on an tibiodics and that should take care of it.

    Hope you had a great tme—-ad a relaxing time!

    Bllwng bubbles over here for your SIX MONTH AMPUVERSARY:-)

    Way to go Brendol and Mom and pack! Great team effort! Wonderful milestone!

    Bubble on Brendol! Bubble on !


  2. Happy 6 month Brendol!!! I knew you were coming up soon as you are not far behind Shooter. Hope you feel better soon.

    Don’t feel bad, you were probably in need of a vacation and will be ready to continue on the tripawd journey now.

    Take care and keep us updated.

    Luanne & Shooter

  3. Happy 6th month ampuversary Brendol. Hope you feel better soon.
    Karma you can not feel bad for what is going on. You didn’t know that Brendol would have this problem.

    Michelle & Sassy

  4. You are not a bad pawrent Karma! Repeat after me: I am a GREAT MOM!

    I’ll bet it’s nothing serious. Keep us posted.

    In the meantime, HOPPY AMPUVERSARY BRENDOL!!!! We love you!!!!! Six months is GINORMOUS! May you have a zillion more!

  5. Hoppy Ampuversary Brendol!!

    Karma…I get stink eye for just being gone for a day. You are a great mom…and deserve to have some fun!

    Ilene & Harley

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