And I Love Her

I’m going to keep with the Beatles theme for a while (lol).

On the recommendation of Michelle (Sassy’s mom), who knows me all too well by now, I am posting this a little early.  Because, the last 2 months, I missed the actual day and had to post late.

So, without further ado…..


Brendol’s sketch


The above sketch was done by a young artist here is Georgia that has some of her sketches on facebook.  You can see some of her work at .

Hugs from Brendol, Aissa, Adelaide, Mathilde, Morrigan and myself!

Good Day Sunshine

It’s a good day and the sun is shining. 😀  And we love the Beatles.

Miss Brendol had a checkup today and they sprung another set of x-rays on us (love that, they don’t tell us in advance and then we don’t worry).  Everything looked great.  B’s vet is going to consult with the oncologists in the group about metronomics and we will discuss those options tomorrow.

Here was B on the way to the vet, she is just such a happy girl.

Trip to vet 0624

Miss Brendol got a lot of attention at the office.  All sorts of people were loving on her in the waiting room and she was giving out sweet Brendol kisses.  We headed back to the car, which doesn’t usually happen because usually she is staying for her chemo treatment.

Happy B

And then off to the house to chill out the rest of the day… momma wishes she got to chill out with the girls, but off to work we go.

Wishing everybody else a Happy Monday.

4 Months! WOOHOO

Alrighty, I’m a bad bad momma again.  (I know, again!)  I even told Michelle and Erica I needed to remember to post something for Miss Brendol the night before her ampuversay and I still forgot.


Anywhoo, Brendol passed the 4 month mark yesterday!  4 Months running around on 3 legs and acting like chemo is a walk in the park.  I’m so proud of my baby girl, she has been so very brave.  Monday is the 6th and final chemo day, given the bloodwork goes well.

Top Ten Things I Love About My B

  1. I love her cuddled up next to my right side every night and feeling her breathe.
  2. I love how excited she gets over bubbles and tinker bells (light reflections).
  3. I love getting kisses from her big fat tongue.
  4. I love how big her eyes get when she’s going to get a really good treat.
  5. I love how she absolutely loves everybody.
  6. I love what a brave and strong girl she has been through amputation and chemo.
  7. I love how hard her butt wiggles when she’s so happy her tail is wagging her body.
  8. I love how she likes to squish herself between me and the back of the couch.
  9. I love that when I come home she always runs to get a dolly and bring it to me.
  10. I love that she sings with the answering machine when someone’s leaving a message.



Brendol Bubbles

This isn’t a new picture, it was debuted in the slideshow that I posted earlier.  However, this is the picture I decided to get blown up.  It evokes great feelings because my Brendol baby is so happy and just loves her bubbles.

As a quick update, Miss B is doing good.  She was a little tired this past weekend from the chemo; however she has rallied through the week and is back to getting into trouble.  If all things go as planned, she will have her last chemo treatment in 10 days, just 4 days after her 4 month ampuversary!  Yay!

Hope everypawdy out there is doing well and having happy moments in the now.

Karma and Brendol

I’m Ready for my Closeup – Brendol

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted an update on Miss  B.  She is doing good.  She had her 5th chemo treatment on Monday, we will try for just one more.

A week and a half ago, I took Brendol, Adelaide, and Aissa in to get her pictures taken and the photographer posted some early copies for me.  I will get to see all the results tomorrow night, but here is a preview.  I am very happy with how they are turning out.


That’s my baby girl.  Adelaide’s pictures and a couple of Aissa are on Adelaide’s blog.


A Day Late

Ooh, I’m a bad momma.  Yesterday was Brendol’s 3 month ampuversary (and it blew right past me).  Can you believe it?  Three Months!  Geez, it has flown by.  And, some of you will yell at me for thinking this way, but I hate that the clock is ticking down.  It’s not today.  I know that.  And we don’t live like it is today.  But I am cognizant that our time is limited.  Osteosarcoma or not, my B is 12 and a half years old.  Anyway… 😀  Happy Thoughts.  She is here today, she is feeling good, and I get to love on her a ton.  She is my cuddle bug and I love her dearly.

B with one of her dollies


Happy Ampuversary my precious girl!